The United Graduate Schools of Agricultural Sciences, Japan UGSAS, Kagoshima University UGSAS, Ehime University UGSAS, Tottri University UGSAS, Gifu University UGSAS, Tokyo Univ. A&T UGSAS, Iwate Univ.

What is The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGSAS)?

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGSAS) is an academic network for PhD programs in Agricultural Sciences in Japan. At first, UGSAS (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) and Ehime University) have been established in 1985, then subsequently total six of  UGSAS (TUAT, Iwate, Gifu, Tottori, Ehime, and Kagoshima) have organized including 17 national universities throughout the country  to enhance collaboration and exchange research ideas and facilities within the faculties of agriculture. UGSAS incorporates all related fields of Agriculture among the sister universities by extending collaborative researches especially in case of PhD projects to minimize the limitations of knowledge and technology.

Collaborative Education System

Students studying in specific doctoral course are very few in number in each university. Similarly, specialized personnel in specific field are also limited. Therefore, disseminations of new knowledge become restricted within one university. To overcome such situations, UGSAS facilitates joint programs of lectures and research guidance those are shared by the respective research groups of all the 17 universities together by using internet facilities etc..

Publication of Electronic Journal

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences publishes e-Journal "Reviews in Agricultural Science" since 2013, in order to actively disseminate the results of researches conducted by PhD students and alumni to the world. We support young researchers to outreach their research results to the researchers of related fields of Agricultural Sciences in the world.