The Privacy Policy

Editorial Office of the Reviews in Agricultural Science acknowledges the importance of individual information such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses that can identify specific individuals, and manages the protection of the individual information for the Reviews in Agricultural Science Website as follows:

Collection of the individual information

The Editorial Office of the Reviews in Agricultural Science will collect information on the viewers through inquiry form mail within the necessary limits.  The Editorial Office may ask for outsourcing services concerned to acquire this individual information.  In this case, the Editorial Office will choose the appropriate agent, and decide the necessary rules and manage them.

Usage of the Information

The usage of the collected information is limited to the purpose of the collection of information.  The Editorial Office may not disclose individual information to a third party without appropriate reason.  If a viewer wishes to change and delete the individual information, the Editorial Office will check the request without delay and correspond promptly.

Inquiry on Individual Information:

Please send e-mail to, if you have any questions and comments on the individual information.