Copyright Agreement Form

Copyright Agreement Form
Reviews in Agricultural Science

The following paper is submitted to the Reviews in Agricultural Science published from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University.

AUTHOR (S) :  

Read the following statements, sign on the bottom, and mail this agreement form to Editorial Office when your manuscript is submitted.

  1. The copyright of the paper belongs to the Reviews in Agricultural Science.
  2. The paper is an original contribution, which is not submitted to any other journal. The author(s) will not submit elsewhere before its disposition by the editorial board of the Reviews in Agricultural Science. If the author(s) need to submit it elsewhere during the review process, the author(s) must declare the withdrawal to the editor before the submission.
  3. Republication, translation and other uses to any extent of papers in this Journal require written permission from the editorial board of the Reviews in Agricultural Science, except for the doctor’s thesis of the author.
  4. In exception of the above requirement, the use of figures, tables and brief excerpts from this Journal in scientific and educational publications does not require the permission.
  5. The author(s) have a right to post a copy of their papers in the Reviews in Agricultural Science on the authors personal home page for non-commercial use, provided that next two items are attached:

    a) a copyright notice: “Copyright © 2012 Reviews in Agricultural Science”

    b) a notice on the contents: “Permission has been proved by the Reviews in Agricultural Science to place a copy of the papers on the server.”

A corresponding author is requested to sign and submit this Copyright Agreement Form. This agreement is effective on the date the paper is submitted.

I hereby agree with those items written above.

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